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About Allentown Beverage

Allentown Beverage Company has been serving the Lehigh Valley for over 70 years.

Founded in 1933 as Prohibition came to an end, Raymond Baurkot of Easton, Pennsylvania with his characteristic entrepreneurial spirit opened a beer distributor.

As beer sales flourished, Baurkot grew increasingly short on space and was forced to relocate several times in Easton.

Raymond Baurkot Sr. passed away on January 25, 1994 and his four sons assumed the reins of the company. An era of growth and triumph had come to an end, but another decade of change and prosperity was on the horizon. Inspired by Baurkot’s vision of expansion and consolidation, Raymond Baurkot & Sons acquired Allentown Beverage on April 1, 2005.

Allentown Beverage was originally founded by Julius Schwab in 1953 on Dauphin Street. In order to accommodate increasing sales they moved to Quebec Street in East Allentown.

After Raymond Baurkot & Sons purchased Allentown Beverage from the Schwab family the company resituated at Quebec Street and unified under one name. Allentown Beverage Company continues to operate under members of the Baurkot family, retaining an atmosphere of excellence in quality and service.

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